For the last nineteen years, W.B. Charles R. Cooper and his lady, Vicki have
organized a meal service for those who are in the public service, such as
police officers, firefighters, road maintenance crews and even newsmedia
who have to work on Christmas. The Temple is opened at 5:00 P.M. on
Christmas Eve and closed at 5:00 P.M. on Christmas Day. These public
servants can come in relax and have something to eat at no cost. This has
grown to serving approx. 100 people a year. This program is now being
copied all over the state of Ohio. Below are some photos of the officrs.
Here we see one officer from Miami
Twp. and one from the State Patrol
Look at the smiles. Something more
than a hamberger and fries.
You can see a few of the road workers
in the back here.
A few more happy people.
Sure is good - eat your heart out Dave
I think that they will be back again this