The Hall is spacious and will seat 90
people. This is perfect for a wedding
reception or a large family gathering
This is another section of the dinning
area. On the far side of the white wall
is a private lounge.
This photo is from the front and
looking toward the rear of the dinning
area. Both rest rooms are off this room.
This photo is taken from the east end
of the lounge. There are leather
padded chairs and a couch.
This photo is taken from the west
looking east. You can see the television
and VCR on the left side.
Here you see the industrial size range
and the sinks along with part of the
counter space.
Here is the center island along with
more counter space. The refrigerator is
also in view.
The kitchen has a dishwasher along with stainless steel sinks. There
is a serving window that connects the kitchen with the dinning area.
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