The Temple Association is always looking to make things better and more enjoyable for our
members and their guest when attending any of the programs or festivities in our building.
The most recent major improvement was the "Chair Lift" for those with limited mobility.
There were some major structural cahnges that had to be made. Here are some photos
showing the work being done.
Here we see Charlie Cooper, Mike Smith
and Bill Iiams cutting new risors for the top
of the stairway.
Here the lift is in place and ready for
The entrance to the Lodge Room had
to be changed and here we see that in
Here the coat rack is being torn out
and a new one will be placed in the
rear of the dinning room.
On March 17, 2007 the Temple Board decided that it would be a good idea to have one
more breakfast for the year. All that were able were to wear something green. Most did as
you can see.
At least one of the cooks had on green.
Wanda Petrenio does not sound Irish.
You can tell by the happy look on Steve
Ford's face that it was a good breakfast.